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Apartment Clean Up!

No matter the size of the mess, no matter how nasty it is! SERVPRO of East Modesto 209-523-2522 specializes in the cleaning of commercial and residential buildi... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for Vacation Homes

Imagine heading up to your cabin in the mountains for a vacation and opening the front door to find the entire place soaked with water. SERVPRO of East Modesto ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for Attic Dryouts

Imagine you are at home during a winter storm, nice and cozy, sitting down to enjoy dinner with the family. Suddenly, in the middle of your meal, the ceiling co... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Home in Lodi, CA

This smoke damaged home was the result of a fire in Lodi, California. There was a large amount of contents in the kitchen that was ruined form the smoke and soo... READ MORE

Smoke Damage Cleanup in Woodbridge,CA

SERVPRO of East Modesto 209-523-2522 responded to a kitchen fire in Woodbridge, CA. The insured had walked away from the stove for just a few minutes and return... READ MORE

Tile Cleaning in a Furniture Store

SERVPRO of East Modesto specializes in post construction cleanup, we have been cleaning a series of remodeled furniture stores in Northern California the last f... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Lockeford, CA Home

Heavy rain and wind during this last winters storms caused a breach in the roof tile which ultimately lead to a ceiling leak in the customers living room. The c... READ MORE

Basements and Water Damage

Basements can be a challenge to dry during a water damage, since they sit below grade. It's common for people to not check their basements on a regular basis so... READ MORE

Don't Forget to Close the Windows!

While it's nice to leave your windows open during the day, it's best to close them in the evening when you leave work! SERVPRO of East Modesto was contacted rec... READ MORE

HVAC Leaks can cause Damage to Your Home

Your HVAC system produces moisture when it runs and is designed to drain the excess water away from the home. If the drain line gets plugged (dirt rodents, spid... READ MORE